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Leaders who motivate, engage, and inspire their people to climb higher and go farther.


HHART-first executive and C-suite coaching to cultivate powerful teams who accomplish unparalleled results.

Leading your team begins with knowing yourself.


HHART-first executive leadership starts from the inside. We begin with a focus on self-awareness so you get a clear picture of how you’re leading now, how you want to lead, and what needs to be done to bridge the gap between the two. We turn blindspots into growth areas and crevasses into bridges crossed.


We work privately with executives or entire C-suites to reach mountain tops such as:


  • Overall $15+ million saved through HHART-first work

  • Improved communication with team members and higher-ups

  • Better instructions and expectations given to employees

  • Greater employee motivation and team investment toward a mutual goal

  • Massive roadblocks and bottlenecks removed

  • Optimized capacity, bandwidth, and resources


What could your team accomplish with leadership that has a powerful understanding of how to motivate, engage, and inspire? Let’s begin the conversation to find out.

Climb high, sleep low. The acclimation

begins at Base Camp.


We’ll cover the foundational elements of understanding who you are, who you want to be, what your vision is for yourself, and the impact you want to have on the lives of the people you work with and who work for you. 


Base Camp includes:


  • Six 60-minute private sessions with our founder Layci Nelson either in-person or on Zoom to understand yourself, increase self-awareness, and develop HHART-first leadership skills.

  • A 360° personality evaluation on your existing leadership and emotional intelligence skills, including an interview with people who work under and with you to develop a comprehensive picture of how you’re being perceived.

  • Guidance on how and when to properly delegate; how to have effective, collaborative communication and coaching with your team; and the primary areas to work on that will move the needle the most in your leadership style.

  • Recommendations and strategies for how to implement your next steps as effectively and impactfully as possible.


You’ll walk away from Base Camp with a profound understanding of yourself, how you’re being perceived, and the exact steps you need to take to elevate your leadership skills as a HHART-first executive. 


Base Camp mentorship begins at $8,000.


Get the clarity you need to lead in a HHART-first way. Book a call to get started.

When the mountains are calling,

continue the ascent after Base Camp.


After you’re adjusted and acclimated from our work at Base Camp, you can choose to continue the journey with on-going leadership maintenance and mentorship. 


Layci will walk you through your next steps and assist your problem solving and decision making process as you continue to develop and implement your HHART-first leadership skills.


On-going HHART-first leadership mentorship includes:


  • Check-up coaching every two weeks and on-going text and voice message access in Voxer.

  • Regular implementation and accountability support as you climb steeper slopes and reach higher peaks of success.

  • Guidance and insights as employee challenges arise to interrupt the muscle memory of handling situations as your “old self” and ensuring you implement with your newly developed leadership skills.

  • Additional mirroring and reflection of your behavioral patterns to keep you in momentum, increase follow through, and nurture long-term growth.

  • Consistent evaluation of other areas of leadership and communication to fill gaps and stay in a growth-focused mindset.

  • A new 360° personality evaluation after 18 months.


Take the next step toward your greatest summit yet. Raise your skill to meet the climb. The first step is to book a call.


“I worked with Transcend Leadership Collective to develop a training program for managers at my family business. It was a huge success! Layci listened to my needs, crafted a program that was tailored to us, and executed a great session. I would highly recommend working with her and I look forward to working with her in the future!”

- Sean Gilbert, President/GM Gilbert Orchards

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