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Planning the terrain for those who scale the highest mountain tops.


Strategic, annual, and quarterly planning through the HHART-first lens to turn your greatest goals into your tallest mountains climbed.

Set your organization up for a year of good health with shared expectations, team communication, and unparalleled accomplishments.


We work with teams to break down previously insurmountable goals into manageable action steps with a HHART-first strategic plan foundation. If we’re new to working together, we’ll begin by working with your core leadership team to lay the groundwork for a successful HHART-first approach to your quarterly and annual planning.


HHART-first quarterly and annual planning strategic foundations include:


  • Three group sessions with your core leadership team to develop the hard skills and core tools to implement the HHART-first framework as you reach your next milestones.

  • A responsibility and accountability chart to establish clear group expectations and communication.

  • A goal tracking scorecard spreadsheet to track your goals, progress, and the gaps that need filling. Includes    tabs for 90-day goals and a walkthrough on how to use the scorecard and make the most of this powerful tool.

  • Team meeting agendas, including a 1:1 meeting agenda template, on how to run meetings effectively and efficiently.

  • A vision map to highlight the core values of your organization, what uniquely sets you apart in the industry, what to say yes/no to best reach your goals, where you want to be in five years, and how to reverse engineer that to three and one year.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you aren’t completely satisfied with what’s delivered, you don’t pay for it. No long-term contract or upfront payment required.


Strategic foundational planning includes three sessions total.


When your core leadership team is solid with HHART-first foundations, we’ll move onto annual and quarterly planning for your organization and teams.


This includes:


  • One 6–8 hour quarterly planning session each quarter.

  • One two-day annual session in quarter four where we will review the past year and focus on team health and strengthening and reinforcing Base Camp concepts as a team.

  • Setting you up for your next year of exceptional organizational health and shared expectations on team communication as you move forward. 

  • Review vision map document and identify any needed changes.

  • Review the accountability and responsibility chart and identify needed updates. 

  • Update the goal tracking  and scorecard spreadsheets.


Annual and quarterly planning starts at 3,500 per session day  

Book a call today to learn more about how we can move mountains together.


“​Transcend Leadership Collective is the real deal when it comes to leadership and creating high performing teams. I’m a former strategy consultant and current business coach in the process of building a team and scaling a fast-growing business. While consulting with Layci, she provided perspective-shattering insights that have been absolutely critical to growing my team cohesively as a unit. Could not recommend her any more highly!”

- Matt James Hersh, Owner/Founder Matt James Hersh Coach & Consultant

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