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Transcend Leadership Collective logo with mountain

Take your team higher.

Reach the peaks of your greatest

mountaintops with the leadership

foundations to traverse farther

than ever before.


This is the Transcend HHART-first leadership framework.

Healthy Conflict, Honest Communication,

Acceptance, Respect, Trust

HHART model

When climbing a high-altitude mountain, the journey begins when you acclimate yourself at basecamp, not just with your first step on the ascent.


The HHART-first framework is a people-centered leadership framework to take teams higher and farther by acclimating the best and brightest leaders and teams to healthy conflict, honest communication, and cultures of acceptance, trust, and respect.

Beach with footprints

The views are best from

the top of the mountain

The HHART-first framework in action


$15+ million saved 

Massive roadblocks and bottlenecks removed

Optimized capacity, bandwidth, and resources

Cultures of open communication, trust, healthy relationships, and respect

Acclimate today with the HHART-first leadership framework

Rock Climbing Gear

Leadership Coaching

Private executive and C-suite coaching to identify how leaders want to to motivate, engage, and inspire their people receive a clear picture of how they’re doing it, and come away with a plan to close the gap 

Antique U.S. Engineer Corps solid brass magnetic compass

Strategic, Annual, & Quarterly Planning

Facilitated strategic, annual, and quarterly planning through the HHART-first lens to lay foundations and develop hard leadership skills with your core leadership team.

Person walking on a log

Engaging Workshops

Customized workshops for you and your teams, built within the HHART-first framework to close the gap between who you want to be and who you are now.

Check out this glimpse of why we do what we do... 


Brought to you by leaders in action, mountaineers at heart

Born from 15 years of experience working with and for organizations in a leadership position, the HHART-first leadership framework has been described as if Brene Brown and Patrick Lencioni had a baby, and its godfathers were Simon Sinek and Adam Grant.

Most organizations fail their
people because they spend too
little time at basecamp

They rush and push. Everyone is walking on eggshells to avoid stepping on each other’s toes. Things are getting lost in communication. Even if they do reach their final mountaintop, they wasted exorbitant amounts of energy and efficiency backtracking (not to mention the altitude sickness). 


We help people within organizations learn how to have healthy conflict, honest communication, and build cultures of acceptance, respect, and trust to accomplish previously insurmountable goals.


What peaks can you climb when you implement HHART-first foundations?


The journey to every mountaintop begins with a single step.


"Transcend Leadership Collective has provided exceptional guidance and support throughout my 1:1 leadership coaching journey. Layci is passionate and committed to empowering individuals to become effective and inspiring leaders. What I appreciated most was her ability to provide advice tailored to my specific needs and goals; she took the time to understand my leadership style and helped me to build trust and communicate effectively. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to reach their full potential as a leader."

– Dan Plath, VP Orchard Management

Washington Fruit and Produce


We’ve scaled Everest-sized goals with top companies such as…

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