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HHART-first resources to prepare for the ascent


We created these additional resources to fill in educational gaps and bring HHART-first fundamentals to more organizations.

The Transcend Leadership Collective 

"Confessions of a Terrible Leader" Podcast-

Tune in to hear real leaders share the raw truth about the lessons they learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

The Transcend Leadership Collective 

Upcoming Events-

Check here for workshops and speaking engagements where you can come and get equipped in person.

Fall Workshop Series- LAST workshops of 2023

Do No Harm, but Take No $#!%: How To Build a Killer Team

Sept. 28th- Stop Screaming Into The Void (Understanding how to communicate with people who don't think like you)

Oct. 12th- Come At Me, Bro! (How to turn conflict into connection)

Oct. 26th- When Life Is Life-ing (Solving problems in 4D)

Compass Sessions 2024

Jan. 17-19th- In person at Cascade Garden, Yakima WA

The Lift

Leadership Development

First Cohort Starting April 16th, 2024

The Transcend Leadership Collective 

"Manage Like A Leader" Blog-

Get the lay of the land with our value-packed blog. We traverse a wide-range of topics through a HHART-first lens such as workplace belonging, and healthy conflict.

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