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Elevate Your Leadership: Join Our Exclusive Emerging Leadership Training Program 

You know you need to be spending more time mentoring your rising star employees but time is the one thing you never seem to have enough of.


That’s where we come in. This program is designed to impart the essential skills your emerging leaders need to prepare them for the next level. Unlock their leadership potential and take your team to new heights with our comprehensive Leadership Training Program: The Lift. Designed for aspiring leaders and employees within the first five years of their leadership journey, this program will equip your emerging leaders with the **cutting-edge skills** and **strategic insights** needed to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

The curriculum quickly reviews the 101 level for context then takes your people to mastery

- **Effective Communication**: Master the art of persuasion and influence.

- **Strategic Decision-Making**: Navigate complex challenges with confidence.

- **Team Building**: Cultivate a high-performance team culture.

- **Innovative Problem-Solving**: Drive change with creative solutions.

When and Where:

Starts April 16th

8  zoom sessions,

90 minutes each, every other week

Access to our member portal for self-paced learning between sessions

Why Choose Our Leadership Training?


Your employees will experience:

- **Expert Instructors**: Learn from industry leaders with real-world experience.

- **Interactive Sessions**: Engage in hands-on activities that foster practical learning.

- **Networking Opportunities**: Connect with peers and build lasting professional relationships.

- **Personalized Feedback**: Receive individualized coaching to hone their unique leadership style.


We promise no busy work, ever. 


They will be spending time learning skills through solving real challenges they are facing, bringing solutions to your business headaches.

This leadership intensive will equip them to:


Create cultures of honest communication,

Know how to navigate conflict,

Develop cultures of acceptance,  

Give and set the standards for respect,

Give and earn  trust

Build a killer team and

Direct and delegate with clarity,


All while staying aligned with the core values, vision and mission of your organization.

Secure Your Spot Today!


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your rising star’s leadership journey. Register Now and prepare to lead with vision, passion, and integrity.

Those who register their employee by March 31st will receive a 1:1 Meeting Leadership Development Discussion Guide to make sure you stay in the know and can reinforce all the learning taking place.

But don't just take our word for it:
Check out what previous attendees have to say about our workshops below.


 I think we did great work at setting ourselves up well. Lots of aha! moments.

I really enjoyed learning how to be a good manager. Take away: the check-ins during team meetings. Dive deeper on what they are working on. If they need to express or need help, do not let them brush it off. Building a deeper connection with my team so they feel comfortable to talk to me. Things we can resolve together.

I feel great! I feel like I learned stuff about myself and my team.

I feel good about what I've learned about my leadership style. About what I can tolerate and I can’t. The day before I got here I had a very disagreeable experience and it stayed with me for a while. I went to sleep below the line. And I was able to identify that here.

I wish we had done this last year. It helps us pave the way for the future. Now we have a strategic plan. I liked how we redid our mission statement. My heart is happy. Excited. Definitely excited. I am excited to incorporate all of this and keep it rolling.

This was a good session to talk about the work we do. It was therapeutic. I like talking about where our vibe is for our team. Taking responsibility for the energy we bring to the team.

Where is my head? I am laser focused! I studied this a lot in grad school and I have been to a lot of strategic planning sessions. You did FANTASTIC! This is a FAR deeper understanding of core values.

We actually got stuff done! It kept me focused even though I have ADHD.

The Lift
The Lift
8 Session Series
Apr 16, 2024, 9:30 AM PDT
Online Zoom Sessions
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