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Bringing groups together with professional and personal development to create cultures of healthy communication, honesty, acceptance, respect, and trust.


Customized, engaging workshops, in English or Spanish, built with the HHART-first framework.

Close the gap between who you want to be vs. who you are now at the group level.


We develop custom engaging workshops for middle management and teams to teach the hard and soft skills for healthy conflict, collaborative conversations, and accomplishing a collective vision. 


In the past 8 years, we’ve worked with exceptional organizations to:


  • Collaborate with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Washington State Tree Fruit Association, and Washington State University as the author of significant portions of the curriculum for the official 2022-23  Agricultural Leadership Program. Together, we developed the curriculum by working with multiple departments from a large number of farms and packing houses.

  • Contract with Heritage University teaching Communication for Leaders to thousands of employees from over 100 farms.

  • Develop and deliver a leadership curriculum for shop floor, mechanical and electrical leads at Davis-Standard Manufacturing 


In our workshops, we can traverse the steepest climbs, including:


  • Cultivating HHART-first manager and leader communication 

  • Learning the art of managing up 

  • Establishing emotional intelligence and team motivation

  • Getting a team to buy into a collective vision 

  • Managing the mind and stress

  • Delegating and communicating for success

  • Coaching employees to have collaborative conversations

  • Dealing with conflict in healthy and constructive ways 


Group workshops are designed to be an even split between education and hands-on activity. 


Custom workshops start at $3,500 for a 6-hour day 


Book a call below to elevate your team higher and refuse the limits of average.

"[Working with Transcend Leadership Collective] helped me take my time back and recognize the difference between "busy" and "productive". Layci offered applicable actions that I could initiate same day and get results pretty much immediately. Some other implementations required a mindset shift on my part but the longterm effects of them were well worth it and she was with me every step of the way. I highly recommend the Transcend course."

– Isaiah Hunt, Founder/Owner Top Tenth CLothing

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