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Do No Harm, but Take No $#!%:
How To Build a Killer Team

Workshop Series

Sept. 28th, Oct. 12th, & Oct. 26th

11-2 PM

@ Legends Casino

What makes a killer team and how do you get one???

We're SO glad you asked! Killer teams know how to talk to and trust each other. And the key to that is being a part of a culture of acceptance and belonging.

Our FINAL workshop series of 2023 is all about teaching you, as leaders, how to build this kind of culture so your team can reach new heights together. 

You'll walk away from these trainings-

*Knowing the top 5 habits of effective communicators
*Being able to assess your own style of communication
*Able to identify type of conflict happening and how to begin to diffuse conflict based on the type
*Learning the Transcend Leadership Collective's proven process for getting to the root of issues
*Knowing how to stop wasting time solving for symptoms

$247 for 1, or $597 for all 3!

Each session is a standalone workshop, but all address critical steps on the journey to building a killer team. Don't miss out on any of these crucial components! 

*Workshop registrations are non-refundable but ARE transferrable.*

September 28th

Stop Screaming Into The Void

Understanding how to communicate with people who do not think like you


Do you think you’re being clear, but your team is still missing the mark? Get to know all about different communication styles and how to become more effective at communicating with all of them.

October 12th

Come At Me, Bro!

How to turn conflict into connection

Stop being scared of conflict! Get the tools you need to identify different types of conflict and how to diffuse them. Feel empowered with how to prevent unhealthy conflict and use healthy conflict to increase employee engagement.

October 26th

When Life is Life-ing

Solving problems in 4D


Life, am I right??? Shift out of reactive mode and learn how to be proactive. Get to the root of issues on your team and stop wasting your time and money slapping bandaids over problems.

Why choose this workshop series?

Layci and the team and Transcend Leadership Collective help people within organizations learn how to have healthy conflict, honest communication, and build cultures of acceptance, respect, and trust to accomplish previously insurmountable goals.

We believe that the best mountaintops are reached with the right foundations. How we communicate, express ourselves, and show up with others matters every step of the journey. We help people within organizations accomplish their biggest goals by putting people first.

This series touches on these principles and brings tangible takeaways to help you tackle some of the biggest issues we face as leaders. It will be facilitated by our  Coordinator of Workshops, Education, & Training, Karelys Davis and moderated by our founder and CEO, Layci Nelson.

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